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The Proper Way To Wash Your Car

f you’ve ever waited in a long line at the car wash, paid ten dollars or more, and then notice all the dirt and grime still on your car when you get home you probably want to scream. So maybe this is the time to do it yourself! Or better yet, grab the nearest teenager and hand them a sponge. But before you do there are a few things to remember. And not just that teenagers need watching because they wander off. Sallas Auto Repair doesn’t wash cars but we care about cars so we’ve compiled some tips for you to keep your car looking great. There's a right way to wash your car! First of all don’t grab the dish washing soap to wash your car! This is your baby so you want to use a product made especially for autos and dish washing soap will strip the wax from your car. Mix according to the directions for the best results, don’t just pour into the bucket and add water. Heat causes soap to ... read more

How To Wax Your Car

We covered the best way to wash your car in our last post so let’s just put the cherry on top and wax her while she’s in the driveway. Which wax you choose is a matter of taste so rather than go into a long list of types and ingredients we’ll just go with Nu-Finish or Turtle Wax as they were Consumer Reports top performers. Just stick to the non-abrasive waxes no matter your brand. And carefully read the directions. Of course you’ve thoroughly washed and completely dried your car, it’s still out of the direct sun and you’re not completely worn out. One firm rule about waxing your car is that temperature and humidity will greatly affect your results. So above 60 degrees and below 50 percent humidity is best. Use an applicator sponge to apply the wax. If you use a cloth the pressure from your fingertips will leave a heavie ... read more

Give Your Car A Good Cleaning For Fall

Fall is on the way here and chances are the kids are back in school and summer vacations are over. This is a great time to give your car a thorough cleaning. Sallas Auto Repair has some tips to get your car back in shape and ready for leaf peeping road trips. A clean car is a happy car. -Your car always needs a good washing to protect it from damage from sun and dirt. Fall is also a great time to wax it in anticipation of road salt and ice in the winter. -Give your car a good vacuuming. If you’ve been carting kids around you probably have all sorts of debris on your floors from picnics, the pool, or the beach. Sand is a killer on a car’s interior so be sure and get under and in-between seats. -Clean and condition your seats. More and more cars have leather seats and they can take a beating from the sun, especially if your car sits outside all day. Wipe them down with a cleaner made especially ... read more

Car Care Tips: Headlight Maintenance

When it comes to car safety, fully functioning headlights are an essential part of car care. No matter how skilled a driver you are, it’s always a good idea to follow car safety basics. Believe it or not, headlight maintenance is one of the most important safety features in your car. Sallas Auto Repair is a car care leader and we have some great headlight maintenance tips for you. Headlights are one of the most important safety features on any car, but they will only work as intended if they are properly maintained. A large part of headlight maintenance is the ability to identify some of the factors that can create dimming or incorrect alignment. Once you spot an issue, it’s time to make a repair. And if you’re unsure about how to make a needed fix, we suggest visiting your local auto repair shop. Car Care Tips: How to Spot Headlight Issues Regular Checkups – it’s not easy to catch headlight issues when you’re driving your car. So, when’s the best tim ... read more

Uses for Vinegar on Your Car

Did you know that you can use vinegar on your car for various purposes? White distilled vinegar has many amazing uses when it comes to cleaning. Not only can it be used all around your home but it can also help you when it comes to detailing your car, truck or SUV. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can use vinegar on your car. Uses for Vinegar on Your Car Frost free windshield. Simply coat your windshield and windows with a solution of 3 parts white distilled vinegar to 1 part water and when you walk outside on a cold winter morning you will be welcomed by a frost-free windshield. Make it shine. Chrome on your car can be polished to a beautiful shine by using full-strength white distilled vinegar on a soft cloth. Vinegar removes bumper stickers. Do you have some ugly bumper stickers that need to be removed? Soak a cloth in white distilled vinegar and cover the stickers or repeatedly spray the bumper stickers with f ... read more

Car Organization with DIY Tips and Tricks DIY Car Organization

These simple tips will help you with car organization and keeping it clean. Having a clean car isn’t just a sign of neatness, it is a safety feature. Car organization prevents accidents. Accidents are frequently caused by objects shifting in a car or rolling under the driver’s feet. Inexpensive Car Organization Ideas Here are some cheap car organization ideas that will help you be better prepared: Use a car seat caddy to car organization with games, toys, snacks, and moist towelettes before road trips. Use a fold up cloth makeup case to pack first aid supplies and slide it into your car door for extra organization. Use an expandable file for organization of papers in your glove car box. Not only will it help with your car organization, it will simplify your life. Use a sun visor in your car for organization of pens and sunglasses. Purchase or sew a pet seat cover to add to your car organiza ... read more

Car Detailing: DIY Cleaning Tips

Driving is something that many people do and it can be very surprising how fast a vehicle can get dirty. Most people focus on the outside of the car when they do car detailing. This is good for a shiny car but the area that should be worked on the most is the inside. After all, the interior is where everyone sits and with it not being clean, it can become a real eye sore. It can also smell after time. That is why car detailing is something that should be done regularly. Get the Supplies Car Detailing doesn’t have to include a lot of things, but there are a number of them that should be used. Here is a quick list of items for both inside and outside when it comes to car detailing: Soap Bucket Brush or Sponge Vacuum Towels Carpet Cleaner This list is the basics that should be used when doing a good car detailing. When doing the actual car detailing, it is best to use whatever would work for the type of car being worked on. If it’s a truck, then an extension brush might be needed ... read more

DIY Car Upholstery Cleaning

You do not have to have your upholstery cleaning done by professionals. In fact, you can very easily do-it-yourself with the right supplies. Many people prefer doing their own upholstery cleaning because they feel like they do a more thorough job than a detailer would. If this sounds like you, there are some tips you can apply to make upholstery cleaning easier. Here’s what you need to do to clean your car’s interior like a pro: Create a solution of baking soda and warm water. Mix it together and you’ll be ready to do upholstery cleaning like a champion. Create a second solution containing dish detergent, vinegar, and water in a spray bottle. Shake the mixture well before starting the upholstery cleaning. Using a soft toothbrush for upholstery cleaning treats the stains on the upholstery. Let the solution sit for 30 minutes to saturate area. This method will even help lift set-in stains like ketchup and coffee. Follow the treatment time by using a clean white towel to blot the tre ... read more

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