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Should You Use Synthetic Oil?

Motor oil is the MOST IMPORTANT fluid in your vehicle. Why you ask? First, the oil protects the motor from heat that comes from all the moving parts inside the engine. Oil also cleans the inside of the engine protecting it from corrosion. Most motor oils are made from petroleum crude oil processed into motor oil. With this type of oil we recommend an oil change every 3,000-3,500 miles. Why? Because the heat and pressure inside the engine degrades the oil and it becomes quite dirty from keeping the engine clean. If the oil is left to long it will start to sludge up. When your next oil change comes around all the sludge may not come out leaving you with build up or residue inside the motor and can cause parts to plug up or corrode. Synthetic oil is an alternative to the standard mineral oil motor oil and is used in many newer vehicles. Synthetic oil is made from chemically modified compounds (synthetic materials) and can offer several advantages to car owners who are lo ... read more