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Don’t Drive Dirty – Wash That Rock Salt Off Of Your Car!

In this snow-filled winter, our backyards and fences are not the only thing in Kansas City area being covered with a wintry substance. As drivers, the more we get out of the house, the more our cars are covered in SALT! Salt is great when applied to roads and walkways. And although it’s helpful for melting ice and snow, it’s benefits are not quite the same for our cars. Wash Your Car This winter, Sallas Auto Repair wants to remind you to wash your cars as soon as it warms up to an above-freezing temperature. You’ll know it’s safe because lines at the car washes will start forming, as careful vehicle owners know how important it is to keep the exterior of the car free of salt. And even if you’re someone who hates to wait in line, find some way to rinse off the salt that’s stuck to the sides of your car. Try to wash your car during the day, so that if the temperature drops at night, you’ll be sure to avoid frozen doors and locks. It’s important to remove the salt from ... read more


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