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Using Your Air Conditioner In the Winter

You may only think about your vehicle’s air conditioning system in the summer time when you need it the most, but here are a few pieces of information that will help keep you cool when summer rolls around: Your air conditioning system comes on when you turn on your defrost. This means you are using FREON. You should have your air conditioning checked in the winter as well as summer. In Michigan, they do more air conditioning services in the winter than in the summer. One sign that tells you it is time to check your A/C is when your windows do not defrost well. Running with low Freon can damage your air conditioning system. One of the reasons you can be low on Freon when summer rolls around is that you have been using it throughout the winter months, every time the defrost is on! Bring your vehicle in to Sallas Auto Repair today and let us inspect your air conditioning. You’ll be glad you did when those sunny days return

Air Conditioning Service

Do you hear loud noises under the hood when you turn on your air conditioner? Do you only get cool air sporadically? If so, it is time to get your air conditioner checked. It’s real easy to take your car’s air conditioner for granted. Just push the right buttons and out comes cool, dry, clean air. But your air conditioning system needs attention from time to time to help it keep its cool. When most people hear the words “air conditioning problems”, it sends a shiver up their spine. That is because the air conditioning system is fairly complex. It has a lot of parts and when it’s broken, it’s expensive to repair. What things can we do to prevent air conditioning breakdowns? A common cause of air conditioning failure is leaks. Water and air can leak into the system. The system doesn’t work as well with air in it. And water can cause rust that leads to damage of the A/C components. Also, refrigerant, the stuff that makes the air cold, can leak out, reducing the efficiency of the system ... read more

Coolant Service at Sallas Auto Repair

Our cars have to operate in a wide range of Kansas City, MO temperatures and our engine coolant must be able to perform ‘no matter what’. Think for a moment about the environment where the coolant works. Very hot, high pressure, corrosive… And all the while, it has to protect the components of the cooling system from corrosion. These components are made from steel and aluminum, plastics and rubber. The coolant has to be formulated to protect against corrosion for all of these different materials. That’s why different manufacturers recommend different types of anti-freeze for our Kansas City, MO vehicles. There are several different ‘families’ of anti-freeze available to us here in Kansas City, MO. Your owners’ manual will tell you what kind you should use. Of course, Sallas Auto Repair will know what to put in your car. It’s important to stay on top of this because coolant system failure is the most common mechanical problem people have here in Kansas City, MO. Regular service at Sal ... read more

Drive Safely in the Heat This Summer

If you’re in Kansas City this summer, you are probably looking for ways to beat the heat! With temperatures reaching the 100′s this month, we’re all looking for some ways to cool down and find relief from the heat wave. While standing in the sun is practically unbearable, getting into a hot car and taking a long road trip in a warm car can feel even worse. BUT ~ so is having your car break down and needing emergency roadside service with the sun beating down on you and your car. If you’re planning on taking a road trip anytime throughout the rest of the summer, here are a few tips about how to beat the summer heat, and take caution in the sun, as you’re driving down the road: 1. Make sure to grab your cell phone and other emergency items. Most of us ALWAYS have our phones ~ but if you are like me ~ you forget it sometimes! Having your phone will get you quick help so that you don’t have to suffer in the sun in the event your car bre ... read more

Keeping Your Dog Safe In The Car

Keeping Your Dog Safe In The Car

According to the Humane Society of the United States there are approximately 78.2 million owned dogs in the United States. That’s a lot of Fido’s hanging around, sleeping on our sofas, stealing food from the kitchen counters and generally making our lives better. And as vacation season is in full swing we naturally want to put our buddy in the car for a trip to the campground. Or even just a trip to the store for barbecue supplies. So if Sam is riding shotgun there are things you can do to keep him safe and sound. Keep your dog safe in the car. Sure they love to do it, but don’t let them hang their heads out of the window. It may be a traditional sign of warm weather but they can easily be injured by flying debris. Unrestrained pets cause more than 30,000 accidents annually, according to a AAA report. That can be as simple as Buster Brown jumping into the front seat or as devastating as a flying dog ... read more