Using Your Air Conditioner In the Winter

You may only think about your vehicle’s air conditioning system in the summer time when you need it the most, but here are a few pieces of information that will help keep you cool when summer rolls around:

  1. Your air conditioning system comes on when you turn on your defrost.
  2. This means you are using FREON.
  3. You should have your air conditioning checked in the winter as well as summer.
  4. In Michigan, they do more air conditioning services in the winter than in the summer.
  5. One sign that tells you it is time to check your A/C is when your windows do not defrost well.
  6. Running with low Freon can damage your air conditioning system.
  7. One of the reasons you can be low on Freon when summer rolls around is that you have been using it throughout the winter months, every time the defrost is on!

Bring your vehicle in to Sallas Auto Repair today and let us inspect your air conditioning. You’ll be glad you did when those sunny days return.