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Fleet Service

Sallas Auto Repair offers fleet service and management for companies who manage a fleet of several company-owned vehicles.

Fleet Service | Sallas Auto Repair

Fleet Management

Many companies believe that they must have their fleet vehicles serviced at the car dealership in order to keep a vehicle warranty valid. That is not the case. Our fleet management program keeps your warranty in tact and saves you money. Whether you have your fleet service at Sallas Auto Kansas City or Sallas Overland Park you can be sure of great service.

About Sallas Fleet Service

Whether you maintain one vehicle or more than 100 company-owned vehicles, our personalized fleet service at Sallas Auto Repair will give you the service you need. We make servicing each fleet vehicle easy by providing customized service for your company car needs.

Relationship first with Fleet Service Customers

Because we understand the uniqueness of caring for a fleet, we offer personalized service to each fleet service client from Nick Sallas, owner of our Kansas City auto repair shop. Nick will personally work with you to get your fleet set up and scheduled in our specialized fleet software. He's then available for you to contact him directly should any problems with your fleet vehicle maintenance arise.

Proactive Fleet Vehicle Maintenance

We take a proactive approach when it comes to each vehicle in your fleet. We share the same goal as you: keep your company vehicles running as well as possible, as long as possible. That's why we remind you each time one of your vehicles is scheduled for maintenance and inspections. We use a specialized software that allows us to never miss a beat … nor a vehicle maintenance check … when it comes to fleet service.

Fleet Service = Minimal Down Times

As a business who has a fleet ourselves, we understand the importance of minimal down time on fleet vehicle maintenance. That's why you'll have plenty of advance notice when your fleet vehicles need maintenance, and your vehicle will be serviced quickly and promptly (yet thoroughly). Because our team of technicians are rated at the "Master Technician" level or higher, we offer outstanding service.

Fleet Service Outline

Vehicles that are part of our fleet service programs receive the same service that each one of our customer cars receive. Each vehicle inspected and serviced by Sallas Auto fleet service receives:

  • A 52-point inspection upon each oil change and maintenance check.
  • Thorough oil changes that will keep the engine motor running smoothly (synthetic oil is extra).
  • A 52-point inspection upon each oil change that measures tire pressure, fluid levels, transmission, brakes, and other essential areas of the vehicle. This inspection allows you to know the exact status of your car, and plan for any costly repairs that may be coming up. It also lets you now if your vehicle is safe to be on the road.
  • Preventative Maintenance - in addition to regular maintenance (oil changes), cars need preventive maintenance in order to run to maximum life. We recommend preventive maintenance on each fleet vehicle.

Preventative maintenance can include:

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call Sallas Auto today at our Kansas City location or at our Overland Park location, or schedule an appointment online.