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Fuel Filter Maintenance

A vehicle's fuel system supplies energy to power the vehicle. A fuel system is responsible for transferring the vehicle's fuel (typically gasoline or diesel) from the fuel tank to the cylinder chamber for combustion and energy. The fuel travels through several car components that make up the fuel system. Whether you're looking for ways to make your fuel system more efficient, or need a fuel filter replacement, having a team of trained experts inspect the fuel system each year will keep your car running smoothly, quietly and efficiently.

Fuel Filter Maintenance - Sallas Auto Repair

Some indications of a fuel system problem may include:

  • Hard starting
  • Hesitation in the vehicle
  • Loss of vehicle power
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Rough idle
  • Engine misfiring

Any of these problems could point to fuel system components needing attention and services.

Components of the Fuel System

Several car components are involved in converting fuel into energy that powers a car. Some of the fuel system parts include:

  • Fuel Tanks (store the fuel)
  • Fuel lines for transport of fuel from the tank to the engine.
  • Fuel pumps
  • Fuel filters
  • Carburetor or fuel injector

Replacing your Fuel Filter

Through regular fuel filter replacement, you ensure that your fuel will continue traveling through your fuel system safely and efficiently. The filter is designed to collect tiny particles from traveling through the fuel lines and causing damage to the carburetor or fuel injector. Fuel filter replacement will allow for maximum performance out of your vehicle.

About Fuel Injection Services

Fuel injection may be needed if the car isn't getting optimal gas mileage. Fuel injection systems clean the carbon deposits off of the fuel injector, and sometimes even the fuel lines. Fuel injection services may help your car run smoother and travel for longer distances with each tank of fuel. We recommend having your fuel injection service done every 30,000 miles, giving you better fuel economy, better performance, and it keeps the inside of your motor clean.