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Car Ignition System

Want a fast start and a smooth ride? Performing preventative maintenance to your car ignition system may be the key. By following your vehicle's manufacturer recommendations for car ignition system parts, you keep yourself safe, ensure your car will start, and avoid vehicle break downs.

Car Ignition System - Sallas Auto Repair

Car ignition systems create an internal combustion between the fuel and air. It works in unison with all engine parts to create just enough pressure to get the entire engine to perform optimally. With incorrectly performing ignition parts, the car may not start, the gas mileage may decrease, and the vehicle may give off greater emissions.

Spark Plugs: The Basics

Spark plugs are the main component of the car ignition system. These plugs give off a "spark" that converts fuel into energy. If spark plugs do not fire properly, the engine performance will decrease.

Frequent replacement of spark plugs will be required to keep your car ignition system performance up; the vehicle's owner manual will give instruction for when the spark plugs need replacement, and what types of plugs must be used.

Other parts involved in the car ignition system may include:

  • Spark plugs
  • Spark plug wires
  • Distributor parts
  • Rotors
  • Ignition module, sensors and coils

In addition to checking the spark plugs, each inspection service also includes inspecting spark plug wires for spark evidence of cuts, cracks, splits and corrosion.

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