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Power Steering Flush

Your steering wheel controls a mechanical rack that steers the vehicle left and right. The power steering fluid gets contaminated by dirt over time which gets into the seals and can start causing leaks. When your power steering fluid is not replaced on a regular basis, the fluid starts to bind, your power steering will start to squeal, and you'll have poor handling over your vehicle.

Power Steering Flush - Sallas Auto Repair

A power steering flush is important to the safety of your vehicle and should be completed every thirty thousand miles. By replacing the fluids for the power steering, you help prevent a power steering pump failure as well as a rack and pinion failure (the parts that steer the vehicle). If you experience a power steering failure, the replacement parts alone can cost between $800 and $1500. By keeping your fluid flushed, the chances of needing to replace these expensive parts become slim to none.

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