Give Your Car A Good Cleaning For Fall

Fall is on the way here and chances are the kids are back in school and summer vacations are over. This is a great time to give your car a thorough cleaning. Sallas Auto Repair has some tips to get your car back in shape and ready for leaf peeping road trips.

A clean car is a happy car.

-Your car always needs a good washing to protect it from damage from sun and dirt. Fall is also a great time to wax it in anticipation of road salt and ice in the winter.

-Give your car a good vacuuming. If you’ve been carting kids around you probably have all sorts of debris on your floors from picnics, the pool, or the beach. Sand is a killer on a car’s interior so be sure and get under and in-between seats.

-Clean and condition your seats. More and more cars have leather seats and they can take a beating from the sun, especially if your car sits outside all day. Wipe them down with a cleaner made especially for leather seats, let dry, and follow with a good conditioning cream or spray. Always apply to a good cloth and not directly to the surface to prevent running.

-Same for your dashboard and doors. A good cleaning and conditioning will keep the vinyl and trim from cracking. Wash and clean your windows to remove dirt, grime and ice cream. Newspaper works great to wipe with as it leaves no residue or pieces behind.

-If you’ve left wet towels or even food in your car you may be greeted by a nasty odor when you get into your car. Freshen it up by spraying an odor eliminator like So2Pure Air Purifying Coating. It will eliminate odors without making your car smell like a pine tree or cupcake.

-Look in your trunk or hatch. Take stock of just what’s in there. First aid kits have expiration dates and it may be a good idea to replace yours if it’s been baking in a hot car. If you keep any fluids or sprays back there check for leakage or damage.

-It’s always a good idea to check your fluids after a hot, dry spell. Coolant, oil and transmission fluids can be vulnerable to prolonged high temperatures so make sure they’re clean and full.

There’s nothing better than a clean car. It makes volunteering to drive the lunch gang around less embarrassing experience when no one has a SpongeBob candy wrapper stuck to their bottom shoe. Sallas Auto Repair also loves a clean car but we focus on the inside. So if you need a coolant flush, oil change, or any other maintenance service just give us a call and we’ll take care of you.


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