Keep Your Heat “ON” With Heating System Maintenance

When winter weather hits, you really begin to understand why your car’s heating system is so important. But, having your heating system running at optimum performance is beneficial all year round and can save you from an unexpected repair.

The health of your car heating system is vital. Without a properly running heating system, not only will the temperature inside your car suffer but your engine will eventually call it quits.

How it Works

Your heating system functions by using excess heat from the internal combustion. Because the internal combustion produces so much heat, if not used by your heater, it would kill the engine.

The heating system also works as a cooling system. Hoses transfer coolant from the engine to the heater core. The engine and heater core then work in a cycle to keep your car from over-heating.


Heating system maintenance will keep your car running longer and prevent over-heating. Over-heating is the number one reason most cars break down. Having regular maintenance done on your vehicle is the best way to prevent breakdowns and unexpected repairs. When you take your vehicle in for maintenance checks there are several things the mechanic will look for when it comes to the heating system.


An overheating problem is most likely to occur when your coolant is running low. Low coolant causes the temperatures in the heating system to remain high which can hurt the engine.


Another area that is commonly checked are your hoses. If you have a hole in your hoses or if a hose is leaking fluid, your heating system will definitely be affected.

Heater Core

Over time, gunk and debris can block air from traveling to your heater core. When air is not allowed through the heater core it then creates excess heat.

More Than a Bad Engine

By not taking proper care of your heating system other problems beyond a major engine shut down can occur. One such problem is an ill-functioning air conditioning unit. One great way to prevent this from happening is to perform preventative maintenance on your car by taking it to a certified and properly trained mechanical technician. With preventative maintenance you will be able to get the most life out of your vehicle and save money by avoiding unexpected repair work.

At Sallas Auto our certified and master certified technicians are experts at performing preventative maintenance. With good quality care and regular checks your car and your wallet will be thanking you.


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