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Keep Your Heat “ON” With Heating System Maintenance

When winter weather hits, you really begin to understand why your car’s heating system is so important. But, having your heating system running at optimum performance is beneficial all year round and can save you from an unexpected repair. The health of your car heating system is vital. Without a properly running heating system, not only will the temperature inside your car suffer but your engine will eventually call it quits. How it Works Your heating system functions by using excess heat from the internal combustion. Because the internal combustion produces so much heat, if not used by your heater, it would kill the engine. The heating system also works as a cooling system. Hoses transfer coolant from the engine to the heater core. The engine and heater core then work in a cycle to keep your car from over-heating. Maintenance Heating system maintenance will keep your car running longer and prevent ov ... read more


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