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Increasing Fuel Efficiency in Kansas City

With the price of gas continuing to rise now is a great time to think about gas mileage. There are many ways to improve your car’s MPG that are simple and will reward you with less money spent at the pump. Every little bit helps and if you do all of these things the savings will surely add up! TIRES Proper Inflation: Under-inflating your tires creates resistance and reduces mileage. You can find proper tire pressure recommendations on the inside or your car’s door or on the side of the tire itself. Keeping tires within 5-10 pounds of the maximum will improve your mileage. Balance: Tires that are unbalanced create an uneven vibration that hurts your mileage. Alignment: You know that wiggly feeling in your car when you’re driving at a higher speed? This is caused by tires that are out of alignment and creates more rolling resistance which low ... read more

Tips for Improving Fuel Economy

With the cost of fuel prices rising almost every year, good fuel economy practices are quickly becoming adopted by more and more car owners. Car makers all over the world are also making an effort to ensure that they produce sleek but efficient engines that get better fuel economy than ever. There have been a number of fuel economy products developed, too. Despite all the improvements that are being made, attaining good fuel efficiency is not only influenced by the engine. The driver of a car also plays a crucial role in getting good gas mileage. If you are seeking ways to promote your fuel economy, you will find the tips below helpful. How to Receive Good Fuel Economy Less Hard Braking, More Slow Starts & Stops The majority of drivers make the mistake of accelerating and braking hard. This happens mostly because drivers tend to be in a hurry to arrive at their destinations. Heavy braking ... read more

5 Ways to Save Money on Gas in Kansas City

Everyone in Kansas City wants to save money on gas. The cost of transportation can easily become a large part of the household budget. You don’t have to be miserable every time you fill up your gas tank, though. There are plenty of tricks to save money on gas. Save Money on Gas: What you Need to Know 1. Track your gas mileage One of the basic ways to save money on gas is to keep a record of your gas mileage. You can do this manually with a notebook and pen stashed in your center console, or you can stay with the times and use an app or online gas mileage calculator. There are several options, each providing different features. Listed below are a few gas mileage tools that help you save money on gas by keeping data and showing your car’s fuel economy. Fuelly – track and share your vehicle’s gas costs ... read more

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