5 Ways to Save Money on Gas in Kansas City

Everyone in Kansas City wants to save money on gas. The cost of transportation can easily become a large part of the household budget. You don’t have to be miserable every time you fill up your gas tank, though. There are plenty of tricks to save money on gas.

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Save Money on Gas: What you Need to Know

1. Track your gas mileage

One of the basic ways to save money on gas is to keep a record of your gas mileage. You can do this manually with a notebook and pen stashed in your center console, or you can stay with the times and use an app or online gas mileage calculator. There are several options, each providing different features. Listed below are a few gas mileage tools that help you save money on gas by keeping data and showing your car’s fuel economy.

Fuelly – track and share your vehicle’s gas costs

Trip Calculator – calculate the cost of specific trips

2. Buy gas on the right day

A recent GasBuddy study shows that drivers in most states can save money on gas if they fill up during the weekend. Friday, Saturday and Sunday were most likely to see the lowest gas prices during the week. So, Kansas City drivers, track the gas prices this week. You may save money on your gas bill if you notice a pattern and fill up when the gas prices dip!

3. Remove extra weight

Take the golf clubs, sporting equipment and tailgating supplies out of your car to save money on gas. Removing unnecessary weight from your car can help improve your car’s gas mileage.

4. Keep tires inflated

Check your tire pressure regularly. Tires that aren’t inflated properly are a safety hazard and they reduce the distance you can drive on one tank of gas. Worn tires should be replaced.

5. Change the air filter

A dirty air filter reduces efficiency, causing your car to use more gas than a car with a clean air filter.

Keeping your car in good condition goes a long way in saving money on gas. When you need repair or preventive maintenance in Kansas City, call Sallas Auto Repair Kansas City. We’re here for you.


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