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Tires for Sale in Kansas City and Overland Park

Sallas Auto Repair's tires for sale in Kansas City & Overland Park are outstanding! It doesn't matter what your tire needs are - you can count on the best. No where else can you find the combination of friendly employees, reliable repair & the convenience of our service - not to mention our Road Hazard Tire Warranty Plan. You don't have to rely solely on the tow company for a flat tire anymore!

Tire for Sale - Sallas Auto Repair

Tires for Sale

Sallas Auto Repair has the best service and selection of tires for sale in the Kansas City Metro area! We have great flat tire services, education and plenty of options when it comes to buying new tires. We are here for you every step of the way when it's time to replace your tires!

Got a Flat Tire?

When you're out on the roads and get a flat tire, call Sallas Auto Repair! We will come and get your car and fix your flat tire for you (If you're within a 30 mile radius of either our Overland Park, KS or Kansas City, MO auto repair shops). Now, that is service!

Make sure to add Sallas Auto Repair as a contact in your phone!

Need New Tires?

It's important to know when your vehicle needs new tires. Worn tires create a safety hazard, as they're more prone to flat tires and can create mechanical problems that require costly auto repairs. To avoid these unexpected expenses, make sure to monitor your tires and know when to replace them.

To make it simpler, we've gathered our tips for How to Know When to Replace Your Tires. When you know you need to replace your tires, check out our quick tips for Buying New Tires. We'll help you select the right option from our inventory of tires for sale.

Our Trusted Tire Brands

We understand the importance of quality tires. Quality tires keep your family safe, as you're relying on a great product to transport those you love the most. It also keeps your car running well, as it helps keep the balance, alignment and other car components running well when used with quality products. We offer a variety of tires for sale:

  • Michelin
  • BF Goodrich
  • Uniroyal
  • Goodyear
  • Bridgestone
  • Hankook
  • Nitto

Sallas Auto Tire Service Plans

Our service plans are conveniently available at both our Kansas City and Overland Park locations. Sallas Auto understands the importance of service plans when it comes to new tires! You never know what can happen. That's why we offer an outstanding plan for those who purchase and service their new tires with us!

Sallas Auto Repair Protects Your Tire Investment

At Sallas Auto Repair, you can rest assured that your tires will be well taken care of so you're as safe as can be on the road. Not only do we inspect your tires every time you come into the store, we advise you on how much life they have left and the best way to maintain them, as well as the best tires available for your vehicle.

Every tire we offer comes mounted & balanced by one of our experienced technicians for reliability. We're also proud to offer a 4 year Alignment option for $169.00 with every tire sold. Just ask our friendly Service Advisors about it!

Sallas Auto Repair Tire Insurance Plan

"The Road Hazard Warranty"

Sallas Auto Repair offers a nationwide road hazard insurance at both our Kansas City and Overland park locations. This tire insurance can be added to each new tire purchase to help protect your investment. This plan covers all of our tires for sale.

The Road Hazard Warranty covers the following:
  1. Flat Tire Repairs for the life of the tires.
  2. Free Replacement Tires up to 3-32nds of tread use. (Pro-rated after that)
  3. Free flat tire change within 25 miles of either Sallas Auto Repair location.
  4. Nationwide warranty.
  5. Mounting & Balancing of each tire after replacement or repair.
  6. Reimbursement for flat tires outside of 25-mile radius.
  7. Tire replacement/reimbursement outside of 25-mile radius of the Sallas Auto Repair locations.
  8. Covers any damage to tire such as hitting a curb, picking up a nail, or blowing tire out, etc.
The Road Hazard Warranty will not cover:
  1. Vandalism to tire due to knife or ice picks, etc.
  2. After-market oversized wheels and tires.
  3. Does not cover any body damage to vehicle due to blow out of tire (customer insurance may cover that.)
  4. Only covers tires that are patched correctly (no plugs will be covered).
  5. Tires cannot be transferred from one vehicle to the next.
  6. Tow charges.
  7. Off-road use (i.e. 4-wheeling).
  8. Will not cover tires wearing out prematurely due to improper alignment, being knocked out of alignment, or lack of maintenance (regular balance and rotation).
Plan Stipulations:
  1. Flat tire repairs must be done with a patch and not a plug or the warranty will be void.
  2. For flat tire repairs, tires must be returned to Sallas if within a 10-mile radius of our store locations. Outside of this coverage customer can have tire fixed and send us the receipt, we will cut a check out of the main store and mail it to them within 3 business days. Up to a $20.00 reimbursement. We will come to the customer’s home or business (within 20-mile radius), air up the tire, bring the tire or vehicle back to our shop, and repair the tire at no charge to the customer.
  3. Road Hazard Pro-Rating: Free replacement of tire up to 3-32nds of tread used. After 3-32nds of tread has been used, tire will be pro-rated at 10% of total sale price of tire per each 32nd used.
  4. Covers Mounting and Balancing of tire.

If the vehicle is out of town and requires a tire replacement, the customer must bring in a copy of the repair bill with the 32nds of tread measured on the receipt. We will reimburse the customer according to our scale. We will not pay more than what we sold the customer the tire for if it is in the 3-32nds or less used range. After 3-32nds, we pro-rate the tire.

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