9 Gas-Saving Tips

Over the past few months, many families have readjusted their budgets to accommodate for rising gas prices. It’s not unusual to pay over $50, $60 or even close to $100 at the pump these days, depending on the vehicle you drive.

While we don’t have much control over the price at the pumps, there are a few ways we can save money on gas while driving and maintaining our vehicles – and allow us to visit those painful gas pumps less often.

  1. Be a Smart Stopper
    As you see a stop light or stop sign approaching, start slowing down sooner, and don’t ride the gas all of the way up to the breaking point. Also, when the light turns green, don’t “gun it,” and instead ease back into driving.
  2. Drive Slower
    While none of us want to drive like little old ladies, it will save us money (and keep us safer) by driving slower. Lighten up the gas pedal, and slow it down when driving. You can increase your gas mileage as much as 1 mile/hour (depending on the vehicle you drive) by driving 65 rather than 75.
  3. Be Organized
    As you head out of the house, have an organized plan for where you’ll go. Know the pre-planned route so that you don’t have to waste extra miles and gas. Reduce the number of errands that you run, and choose stores that are closer together.
  4. Air Up
    Make sure to keep enough air in your tires. You can improve your gas mileage by up to 3.3 % by keeping your tires inflated to the proper pressure. Under-inflated tires can lower gas mileage ~ just picture riding your bike on a flat tire ~ it take a lot more energy to keep moving at a good pace! We recommend inflating your tires by what the TIRE manufacture recommends (not necessarily what is on the driver’s door). Also make sure you are buying the ‘right kind and size’ of tires for your vehicle. This is found in your owner’s manual. ~ We are always available to answer questions on this!
  5. Keep your Air Filter Clean
    Make sure your air filter is clean; it will allow your car to operate smoother, and use less fuel.
  6. Get a Fuel Injection Service
    If your car has 70,000+ miles, consider getting a fuel injection service. Your fuel will flow better through your car, and you’ll gain up to 2-3 miles/gallon on each tank.
  7. Carpool
    Consider finding a group to ride with if you’re headed to the same place. Take turns driving so that everyone can share in the gas expense.
  8. Use Cruise Control to save on gas
    Using cruise control will prevent you from accelerating and stopping throughout your trip. Staying at a steady, constant speed will save you gas.
  9. Don’t Idle
    Your car will burn fuel if you sit idle for more than 2-3 minutes. In stop-and-go traffic, drive-thru lanes and any other place where you’re sitting stalled, turn off your car to save gas.

Happy Spring!


Saving On Gas