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9 Gas-Saving Tips

Over the past few months, many families have readjusted their budgets to accommodate for rising gas prices. It’s not unusual to pay over $50, $60 or even close to $100 at the pump these days, depending on the vehicle you drive. While we don’t have much control over the price at the pumps, there are a few ways we can save money on gas while driving and maintaining our vehicles – and allow us to visit those painful gas pumps less often. Be a Smart Stopper As you see a stop light or stop sign approaching, start slowing down sooner, and don’t ride the gas all of the way up to the breaking point. Also, when the light turns green, don’t “gun it,” and instead ease back into driving. Drive Slower While none of us want to drive like little old ladies, it will save us money (and keep us safer) by driving slower. Lighten up the gas pedal, and slow it down when driving. You can increase your gas mileage as much as 1 mile/hour (depending on the vehicle you drive) by driving 65 rather than ... read more

Electric Cars: The Pros and Cons of Going Green(er)

America is a car culture. We buy big, drive far, commute alone and judge each other by what’s in the driveway. And we’re paying for it in numerous ways. Taking the DOT and other estimates of the general commuting population of larger cities into account we are throwing an average of 13,000 tons of CO2 into the air on a daily basis. The average cost of fuel for the same daily commute was approximately $15.5 million dollars. So why aren’t we all driving electric cars? The industry has had difficulty getting off the ground due to technology and consumer issues but we may be on the cusp of an electric revolution. This year 12 car manufacturers will introduce EVs, hoping to entice a huge car nation to take the chance and plug one in for themselves. So what are the Pros ... read more

The DIY Electric Car Conversion-Should You Try It?

If you read our last post on the Pros and Cons of electric vehicles you may decided that an EV is the choice for you. So how about converting your existing vehicle to electric? It’s definitely doable, not excessively complicated, but should you do it yourself? DIY electric car conversions aren't for the automotive faint of heart. According to the website it can be done but only by those with the some skills: Mechanical – you are accustomed to working on cars. Electrical – you have an understanding of basic wiring and electricity. Welding – you have basic welding skills or know someone who does. Troubleshooting – you have experience troubleshooting problems in vehicles. Not all cars are good candidates for conversion. The car you ... read more

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