Service Advisor Jon Monaghan | Sallas Auto Staff Spotlight

Our auto repair shop wouldn’t be the same without our fantastic team. You’ve previously met Barry Degges from our Kansas City Auto Repair Shop and John Blauw and Eric Atchley from our Overland Park Auto Repair Shop. Today, meet Jon Monaghan from our Kansas City repair shop.

Sallas Auto Repair’s Jon Monaghan


Service Advisor Jon Monaghan

Jon Monaghan Early bird Jon Monaghan loves working at Sallas Auto so much that he has come to work early every day for the past 15 years. Born and raised in Kansas City, MO, Jon is one of our Service Advisors that goes above and beyond to offer our customers accurate estimates and outstanding service. Jon’s fascination of cars began as he traveled around town in his first car, a ’68 VW Bug. His love of motor vehicles isn’t only confined to the shop as he rides dirt bikes, ATVs and Sand Rail Buggies for fun. Jon’s love of the Sallas family and each customer is evident through his friendly demeanor. He’s known for his punctuality, dependability and wise cracks around the shop. He wants all customers to know that you can expect him to be there for you when you call or need help … but that we close at 6pm Monday – Thursday and 5pm on Friday.