Sallas Auto Repair’s Staff Spotlight | Service Advisor Barry Degges

We have the best staff in the world at Sallas Auto! That’s why we we’re kicking off our “Sallas Auto Staff Spotlight” and showcasing our team members! We thought we’d begin with Service Advisor Barry Degges from our auto repair shop in Kansas City, MO.

When you call Sallas Auto Repair’s Kansas City location, many times you’ll talk to Barry on the phone. He’s the one who will call you to give you updates and estimates for your automobiles. Barry’s a fun guy who does a great job at providing excellent service to our customers! We hope you enjoy getting to know Barry as much as we love working with him!

Sallas Auto Repair’s Barry Degges


Sallas Auto Service Adviser Barry Degges

Name: Barry Degges

How Long Have you Worked in the Auto Industry? 30 years, worked at Sallas for 5 years

What Is Your Role at Sallas Auto? I am a service advisor. I work with the customers to set appointments and check them in at the front desk. I also write estimates for customers after our technicians have looked over the vehicles. I call the customers to go over the details about why problems with their car are occurring, and any other maintenance needs we notice.

What Do you Like About Working at Sallas Auto Repair? It’s a family atmosphere here, as well as a Christian environment. We work well as a team. I feel we provide outstanding customer service. Our service to customers is very proactive and at the top.

If you could own any car, what would it be? For a low-maintenance car, I’d own a Honda or a Toyota. If I had to get a dream car, I’d get my old high school car back. It was a ‘69 Buick, GS stage 1 400.

What’s an amusing story you can tell about working at the auto shop? One time we had a car come in, and we thought there was dog food all up under the blower and air breather, even all up in the hood. Turned out, it was horse chow. The customer worked on a horse farm and mice had made their way into the hood of the car, and built nests in every compartment under the hood. Just goes to show to be careful, especially if you park outside and near a dumpster. Rodents like to get into a warm car and can chew through the wires, etc.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give every car owner? Perform preventative maintenance on your cars, and especially, flush your fluids. All of the fluids are oil-based products and need flushed just like the engine oil. Don’t go forever without changing your car fluids.