Driving Tips For Icy Roads

It may seem like summer was just here and already we’re saying hello to Christmas and winter weather. And with snow and ice brings driving in snow and ice and that can be an unnerving, and potentially dangerous, experience.

But knowing how to handle a car on icy roads can keep you and your family safe on the way to grandma’s house.ice-road-driving

First of all keeping your car in good shape is critical to safe driving in winter. Good tires with proper pressure, relatively new windshield wiper blades and a full washer reservoir will help when the snow, ice and slush start to fall. An emergency kit is also a good idea if you plan to drive a long distance on the highway.

Clean your car before you head out. Sweep off snow and scrape ice from the entire surface of your car before you drive away. Flying ice and snow can be hazardous for other drivers around you.

And now you’re driving and conditions aren’t great. Take a few precautions and you should be fine.

Don’t be in a hurry, this is the number one cause of accidents. No matter what kind of vehicle you drive the great equalizer is slippery roads. Be particularly cautious on bridges and overpasses as they can ice over before the rest of the road.

Keep your distance. Allow extra space between you and other cars. In bad weather a car can take as much as ten times the space to come to a stop so don’t introduce yourself to the guy ahead of you.

Put your car into neutral to decrease the forward motion when you crest a hill. It won’t stop you but will decrease your speed.

If you begin to slide turn your steering wheel into the direction you wanted to go if you have front wheel drive. Turn into the skid if you have rear wheel drive.

If the roads have patches of dry pavement try and keep your tires on them from time to time to keep up traction.

Keep calm, wear your seat belt and drive slowly and you’ll have the best chance to arrive at your destination without a major scare.

Sallas Auto Repair can keep you car in top shape for winter driving. We can look over all the pieces and parts that will keep you safe on the road and even offer some more safe driving tips. So call or come in and let us keep you going until we can start complaining about the hot weather again.