Winter Emergency Tips To Stay Safe

Now that the leaves are almost off the trees and the holidays are nearer it’s time to imagine family gatherings, fires in the fireplace, and being stuck in the snow.

Be prepared for winter emergencies.

Well, except for that last part. But as much as we like to think about the pleasant site of snowfall we should also be prepared for the less than pleasant side.

This can mean accidents, becoming stranded, or just getting your car to start on a below zero morning. A Federal Highway Administration study said that 75% of all weather-related crashes occur on wet pavement and 11% happen on snowy or slushy roads. So having a winter emergency kit is essential for the safety of you and your family.

What to include:

  • a shovel
  • windshield scraper and small broom
  • flashlight with extra batteries-keep the batteries reversed until you need them in case you accidentally turn it on and burn them out.
  • battery powered radio
  • bottled water
  • snack food including energy bars, raisins or candy bars
  • blankets, extra hats, socks and mittens
  • First-aid kit
  • pocket knife
  • tow chain or rope
  • road salt, sand, or cat litter for traction
  • jumper cables-some newer gadgets can even hook up to cigarettes lighters
  • emergency flares and reflectors
  • fluorescent distress flag and whistle to attract attention
  • cell phone charger to plug into lighter-only as a last resort to avoid loss of battery power

Don’t run your car’s engine for heat, it may eventually run out of gas you’ll need to travel later or in case of an accident you may introduce carbon monoxide into your car’s interior.

A tool kit is always a good thing to have in your car regardless of the season. Pack your kit with a wrench, screwdriver, pliers and good tape.

The odds of becoming stranded in the winter cold may seem small but it can happen. Even in the city you can become involved in a pile-up, run off the road, or even find yourself alone in a parking lot after dark. Staying safe is your primary concern so once your car is equipped for emergencies you can just enjoy the snow.

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