DIY Car Upholstery Cleaning

You do not have to have your upholstery cleaning done by professionals. In fact, you can very easily do-it-yourself with the right supplies. Many people prefer doing their own upholstery cleaning because they feel like they do a more thorough job than a detailer would. If this sounds like you, there are some tips you can apply to make upholstery cleaning easier.

car cleaning kansas city overland parkHere’s what you need to do to clean your car’s interior like a pro:

  • Create a solution of baking soda and warm water. Mix it together and you’ll be ready to do upholstery cleaning like a champion.
  • Create a second solution containing dish detergent, vinegar, and water in a spray bottle. Shake the mixture well before starting the upholstery cleaning.
  • Using a soft toothbrush for upholstery cleaning treats the stains on the upholstery. Let the solution sit for 30 minutes to saturate area. This method will even help lift set-in stains like ketchup and coffee.
  • Follow the treatment time by using a clean white towel to blot the treated area, using additional water and baking soda as needed. Absorb as much of the water as possible to prepare for the next step.
  • Your next step for your upholstery cleaning is the application of the second cleaning solution. Use a refillable spray bottle and work from back to front.
  • Use a stiff brush, a finger nail brush will work fine, and work in the second solution with gentle pressure.
  • Let it set for 15 minutes and then absorb the moisture with clean, light-colored or white towels.
  • To finish up, leave the windows and doors (if possible) open to rid the car of the smell of the cleaning solutions you used for upholstery cleaning.

DIY car upholstery cleaning gets easier with time. Once you have the supplies needed to do the trick, you can have your vehicle looking in tip top shape in no time. Car upholstery cleaning doesn’t have been done professionally in order to be done right. You can jump on the do-it-yourself bandwagon and save a bundle of money in the process.

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