Car Safety: Priority #1 When Car Shopping

Car safety should be one of the major priorities for anyone who is in the market for a family car. If you are in the market for a new car purchase, car safety should be a huge consideration. At Sallas Auto Repair, we care about you and have provided you with some tips for picking a vehicle that meets your family’s car safety needs.

car safetySpace

For parents shopping for family cars, a vehicle in question should meet a couple of essential car safety factors before it passes your test. The first item on your car safety checklist should be the available car space. Examine the car’s leg room and the trunk space. A large aspect of car safety is having adequate space to accommodate the driver and passengers.

A family of three has different space requirements than a family of seven, so make sure to consider your family’s space needs. As a rule of thumb, if your family has to squeeze into a car, the vehicle isn’t the right choice.

New Cars

New cars are some of the best equipped machines on the road. Research has demonstrated that a car’s safety improves by about six percent every year the same model is re-launched. This research, issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), also shows that new cars are safer than older or used cars. Why is this the case? Over the years, used cars may not have been properly maintained by their previous users. There were also fewer safety tests run on older cars than newer cars.

When creating new cars, manufactures have taken into consideration the lifestyle of most people and are now assembling cars that cater to different price ranges and fuel economies. Although car shopping can be a hectic activity, finding a vehicle that satisfies your family’s car safety needs does not have to be a challenge. When it comes to car safety, don’t settle.Sallas Auto Repair is dedicated to keeping drivers safe. For more car safety and auto care tips, visit our site or call us at (816) 765-6060 or (913) 381-4555.


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