Car Detailing: DIY Cleaning Tips

car care cleaningDriving is something that many people do and it can be very surprising how fast a vehicle can get dirty. Most people focus on the outside of the car when they do car detailing. This is good for a shiny car but the area that should be worked on the most is the inside. After all, the interior is where everyone sits and with it not being clean, it can become a real eye sore. It can also smell after time. That is why car detailing is something that should be done regularly.

Get the Supplies

Car Detailing doesn’t have to include a lot of things, but there are a number of them that should be used. Here is a quick list of items for both inside and outside when it comes to car detailing:

  • Soap
  • Bucket
  • Brush or Sponge
  • Vacuum
  • Towels
  • Carpet Cleaner

This list is the basics that should be used when doing a good car detailing. When doing the actual car detailing, it is best to use whatever would work for the type of car being worked on. If it’s a truck, then an extension brush might be needed to reach the top of the truck cab. Everyone has a different idea of what to use when it comes to car detailing so keep that in mind.

Make it Shine

Washing the car and then cleaning the inside is nice but one thing that should also be considered when doing car detailing is waxing. Waxing the car is something that will help the outside of the car to stay protected. This is one step in car detailing that people don’t usually do but should after ever other car wash. Everything else that is done when car detailing helps make the car look as new as possible.

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