Car Care Aware Tip #5 – How Old Are Your Tires?


Are your new tires really NEW TIRES?

Determining the age of the tires BEFORE you buy them is a great idea! It is important to find out so you can protect your investment and the safety of you and your family. Tires over 6 years old can have dry rot from the inside out. Just because the tread looks great doesn’t mean they are in great condition. Check the age of all 4 tires. Even though they may LOOK THE SAME – there is a decent chance they are not the exact same age.

If your current tires on your vehicle are 10 years old or older they should be replaced immediately.

So how do I determine the age of my tires…

Since 2000, the week and the year the tire was manufactured is provided by the last four digits of the DOT number.

Each tire has a required Department of Transportation (DOT) number on the sidewall. First two letters of the DOT number tells who the tire manufacturer is. Again, the last four numbers determines the age. - Here is an example:

How Old Are Your Tires?

If your tires were manufactured before 2000 the code will look different and you should have a technician take a look at your tires for age and safety issues.

If your tires don’t have a code on them you will have to grab a flash light and look on the inside sidewall of your tire. It is required by law it be stamped on each tire but sometimes they don’t make it easy to find.

If you want help with this you are welcome to drop by either one of our stores and we will come out and show you how old your tires are – quick and simple!

So – How Old Should New Tires Be?

Don’t purchase tires that are older than two years old. Most experts say after a tire is 6 years old you should replace it. Most of us keep our tires for four years. So the math says under 2 years old. Pay attention to
BIG Tire Sales – as they may be trying to get rid of older tires on their tire racks.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call us – we are always available to take your call and answer any questions or concerns you may have!