Buying a used car for Christmas

It’s the holiday season and malls and shops around town are packed with shoppers. However, did you know that now is actually a great time to buy a used car? Seriously! And especially for parents with teens out there – if your teenager is expecting keys under the Christmas tree this year, you may just be in luck!

Used Car

Inspect a Used Car Before you Buy

It is always best to thoroughly check a car before you buy it – even if it is new. What we ultimately recommend is bringing it to our shop – either Sallas Auto in Kansas City, or Sallas in Overland Park. A car, just like a house, needs to have every nook and cranny investigated. Cars are a big purchase and if maintained properly, will last a long time. Here’s what recommend when evaluating a used car:

Create a Checklist

Creating a checklist is vital to being prepared and knowing what to look for. Even if you bring it to us to look at, a checklist will help you be more informed on the lot and in our shop.

Inspection – Independent from the Dealership

Most used dealers will already have had an inspection done on the vehicle. While this is a great service it is always best to GET A SECOND OPINION!!! When making a vehicle purchase it’s always best to have as much information as possible.

Shop Around For your Used Car

Make sure to look around at other used dealers to make sure you are getting the best deal when you know what vehicle you want. A quick decision can sometimes be dangerous. Take your time when looking for the right vehicle. There will always be a good deal available somewhere.

Test Drive The Car

You should never buy a car that you haven’t test driven. One of the best methods in knowing how to buy a car is to take it on a test run. Double check the brakes, observe how it turns, make sure to test on a bumpy street and also try being a back seat driver too. Get the full scope on how the vehicle actually fairs on the road.

For the Teen Getting A Used Car for Christmas

If you are looking for the best “first” car for your teenage driver there are a couple of things to consider before making the purchase. From parent to parent – here’s what we recommend:

  • Find a used car in good condition is great for a first time driver.
  • The ideal car is one that is compact and has good gas mileage.
  • Find a car known for its durability and longer life span.
  • HAVE THE CAR INSPECTED BY US BEFORE YOU BUY!! Especially with your precious cargo behind the wheel.

If you are thinking about making someone’s holiday a little brighter by handing them the keys, start doing your research now! The more you know, the better your purchase will be.


Used Car