How to determine when you need New Tires

While we realize that nobody enjoys spending their hard-earned cash on tires, it’s one of the critical functions of car care and car maintenance. While forking over some hard-earned dough for tires may be difficult, it’s well worth the alternative of having an accident, hydroplaning, or getting a flat tire because of poor tire maintenance.

While just about every driver knows that tires must be cared for (like aired up and all…) many don’t know the signs of tire wear, and when they’re in need of replacement. So here are some helpful, easy tests, for knowing when your tires need replaced.

Test #1 – Test the steering.

While it can be a slight difference, if your car is having a difficult time steering or navigating the roads, it might be an indication that your tires need replaced – or at least balanced.

Test #2 – Are you Hydroplaning?

One of the number one purposes of car tires is to (yes keep the car moving) – but also to keep water away from the car in order to create traction on the roads. If your car is slipping in the rain or snow, it might be time to get new tires.

Test #3 – The tire “penny” test

The common old test uses a penny to indicate if you need new tires. If you place a penny between the tire treads (aka grooves), look at Lincoln’s profile on the penny. If you see the top of his head or above – replace tires NOW. If you can see part of Lincoln’s hair, you might think about going shopping soon. And if Lincoln’s head is completely hidden, your tires are in great shape!

Test #4 Check your miles

All tire manufacturers give the estimated amount of miles that a tire can travel before needing replaced.

If you’re unsure about your tires, check with your repair shop to see when the last date your tires were replaced or serviced.

Test #5 – Look for the Wear Bars

In between the grooves of each new tire are vertical “wear bars.” These helpful bars will indicate the wear and tear on your tire. As the bars become less and less obvious, it’s time to start thinking about replacement.


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