Why Should You Get Your Car Inspected?

You may think the motor vehicle inspection requirement is a hassle and a way for auto mechanics to make more money. But there’s a reason to keep your vehicle in safe working order. A defective vehicle may not respond the right way if the driver tries to avoid an accident. And a defective vehicle may not keep the occupants inside the car safe if an accident does happen. And frankly, who wants to break down on a busy highway or even in your driveway?

Stay safe on the road with a vehicle inspection.

A certified inspection station will go over your car and inspect all the car’s systems and mechanicals. From the exhaust system to the mirrors, tires and wheels, brakes to steering mechanism, your car will get a meticulous examination. They’ll even check the horn.

And while you may end up with a repair or two to meet inspection standards it’s all for a good reason. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, over a million defects have been identified annually since 1969. This has contributed to the continual decrease in the death rate due to automobile accidents.

If you’ve recently purchased a new car you won’t need an inspection for the first five years of ownership so you can avoid the long lines and missing documents for a while. But after that you’ll need an inspection every one or two years depending on your state and local requirements.

Sallas Auto Repair can perform your Missouri vehicle inspection to ensure you and your family will drive safely. And although Kansas doesn’t require it, we recommend an inspection of your car just to be safe. We examine your car with your security in mind, not our profits, so you can be sure we won’t “find” something that’s perfectly ok just to charge you money. So make your appointment today and get that inspection out of the way. Hey, that rhymes!

Sallas Auto Repair is having a FREE CAR INSPECTION event on Saturday, September 29th from 9AM until Noon at our Overland Park location. So call us and book your appointment today before they fill up!


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