Top Five Valentine’s Dates for the Auto Enthusiast!

Ah, love is in the air. Yes, that is right, Valentine’s Day is upon us and couples everywhere are looking for fun romantic date ideas. Want to go on a fun-creative date that has a car theme? Have no fear auto lovers, we have got a top five romantic-date list that is sure to fit the bill.

We know that there are men and women alike who are passionate about their vehicles. Even if you are not into your car, but are looking for a fun new Valentine’s date idea, we have you covered. This year for Valentine’s Day we have come up with a top five list for creative, fun and romantic dates that incorporate your vehicle!

1. Take a Scenic Drive around Kansas City

As the “City of Fountains,” we have some fun options when it comes to taking a scenic drive. Kansas City is full of history and there are some great “hot spots” to visit while traveling around in your car! You could start at the Country Club Plaza and travel around to see the beautiful buildings and statues. Jackson County, MO area is home to the historical site Fort Osage and the Pony Express isn’t too far north in St. Joseph, MO.

Or, for an old-fashioned scenic drive, give Kansas City’s “Cliff Drive” a try. You’ll travel through several cities while viewing limestone bluffs, vegetation and wildlife. It’s a great way to take a romantic drive in Kansas City.

2. Road Trip

If you are looking to spend a little extra cash this Valentine’s Day and really want to impress your loved one, plan a surprise road trip! With the right preparations, planning a road trip is easy. For a quick getaway, go online to Travelzoo or Priceline for affordable hotel prices.

For the car enthusiast, a road trip allows you the excuse of giving the car a good scrub down inside and out. Also be sure that your oil is changed and you have your preventative maintenance done before you hit the road. Making sure your car is in the best driving condition possible will save you from unexpected breakdowns. Plus, giving your car a little extra shine will hopefully impress your significant other!

3. Go to a car show

Are you a car enthusiast but don’t know where to go on your road trip? Try finding a car show! Car shows are great for the motor-minded. And there is usually a car show, big or small, going on every weekend in a city across the country. Research which shows are close to you and then make your plan!

Want to get a head-start on Valentine’s Day??
Go to th
e World of Wheels car show at Bartle Hall car show THIS WEEKEND!

4. Drive-Thru

Don’t have enough money for a road trip or even the movies for that matter? Why not get really creative and take your date on a drive-thru meal. You don’t have to go to McDonald’s, there are plenty of places that make delicious, affordable food. You could even try a Curb Side pick-up from your favorite restaurant.

Why do a drive-thru? There are actually many perks. Valentine’s Day is crazy at any restaurant. It is usually loud and the atmosphere is never intimate. Grab a to-go order and go some place where the two of you can actually have real conversations. Pick a romantic spot, and if the weather is nice, try having a picnic!

5. Star Gaze

If you do choose the drive-thru route, one of the best ways to dive into your meal and create a romantic atmosphere is to find a place to star gaze! And nowadays you don’t need a telescope to get a good view at what is above you. There are mobile apps available that allow you to zoom in on stars and planets around you. Try downloading a free star-gazing app and test it out before you pick your perfect star-gazing spot.

This Valentines Day, whether you are an auto enthusiast or not, try mixing up your agenda by adding in a little random spontaneity! Feel free to use an idea from our top five list. And don’t worry, we won’t tell your significant other it was our idea!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Sallas Auto!


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