The Worst Foods For Eating And Driving

I’m writing this as I’m driving and eating a doughnut so forgive me if I masspell something.

Pardon me, I have a text. BRB.

If you’re driving anywhere near me you’re probably in some serious danger. Distracted driving makes up something like 80% of the car crashes in the US. And eating is just as distracting as texting and so is writing a blog about distracted driving while driving.

And while we could probably get away with chewing gum while driving an article on has a list of the most dangerous foods you can consume behind the wheel.

The top 10 food offenders are:

  1. Coffee: Big surprise, not only does it always spill, always, it’s also hot so when it lands on your lap you land in the wrong lane.
  2. Hot soup: Soup? Really? Who does this?
  3. Tacos: Few things are funnier than a girl in a car at a stoplight trying to eat a taco.
  4. Chili: Again, really?
  5. Hamburgers: This should really be number one.
  6. Barbecued food: Sauce on your steering wheel. Not good.
  7. Fried chicken: Steering with greasy hands is hard, really hard.
  8. Jelly or cream-filled donuts: This also goes into the “you thought you could do this and get away with it?” list. See #2 and #4
  9. Soft drinks: Because actually getting one with the lid attached is pretty rare. And it’s cold on your legs.
  10. Chocolate: More problematic in July than January but still dangerous. And embarrassing when you go back into the office looking like you’re three years old.

Distracted driving isn’t just dangerous to you and your car, it’s dangerous to the rest of us just trying to get to the grocery store. Keep that in mind the next time you think wearing a taco to work sounds like fun. And please think twice about doing anything but driving while driving. We all thank you.


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