The ASE-Certified Difference for Auto Repair

At Sallas Auto, we are proud to employ ASE-Certified technicians to work on your vehicles. We care about your car or truck as much as you do,and take careful measures to ensure that your vehicle is well-cared for. Technicians who are ASE-Certified are the best in the business. They spend several months attending training classes or studying in order to refresh their auto repair knowledge. They then take a difficult national test to prove competency. Once at least one of the difficult tests is completed and the technician has two years of experience, they are given the distinction of ASE Certified.

For auto repair technicians like our own Nick Sallas who have completed all of the ASE tests and have at least two years of experience, they are given the title “Master Technician.” Just as any other professional, ASE auto repair technicians can be certified in their areas of specialty. When looking for a repair shop, ask about the technicians and if they are mater certified, or specialize in brakes, engine repair, transmissions, etc. Shops who employ at least one ASE Certified technician can display the “ASE” blue and white sign. By choosing to use a shop with ASE certified technicians, you’re ensuring that the professionals working on your car really care. They’ve gone through the extensive national exams to prove that they have the highest knowledge, and will take the best care, of your vehicle. Our technicians are all ASE-Certified, and heres why you should choose an ASE technician to work on your vehicles.