Staying Safe in Summer Storms

Driving in the rain is inevitable. During a torrential downpour, your best and safest option is to pull into a parking lot and wait it out. If you are not in a position get off the road, follow these safety tips to ensure you arrive to your destination safely. Driving in the rain


  • Turn on cruise control. This can make your car hydroplane, which means it is traveling on the water and has little to no traction with the pavement. If you do hydroplane, let off the gas and do not make any sudden movements.

  • Tailgate another vehicle. A good rule to remember whether it’s raining or not is to keep at least a car’s length in front you for every 10 miles per hour you’re moving. For example, if you’re moving at 30 miles per hour, keep a distance of at least 3 cars between you and the next vehicle.

  • Drive through big puddles. If you can’t see the ground through the flowing water, don’t drive through it. It is easy to underestimate the water depth, and it could easily sweep your car off the road.


  • Slow down. Roads can get slick, and it is harder to see in inclement weather. You never know when you’ll have to stop abruptly to avoid another car or obstruction.

  • Switch on your headlights. Even if you feel like you can see OK, many states require your headlights to be on if your windshield wipers are moving.

  • Turn on the defroster. Hot air plus rain is a recipe for muggy weather that makes your windows fog up and it harder to see.

Be sure your vehicle is up to date on routine maintenance so that it’s equipped to handle inclement weather conditions. Call Sallas Auto Repair in Kansas City at 816-765-6060 or in Overland Park at 913-381-4555 for an appointment.


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