Spring Cleaning for your Car

As you start fluffing the pillows and dusting the mattresses, spring cleaning is officially here! As you make your way into your garage and look at your dirty, winter-worn vehicle, here are a few ideas on cleaning your car this spring.

1. Wash Your Car. Make sure to get all of the road grime off of your car, and especially wash the salt off of your vehicle.

2. Wax your Car. It’s important to not only wash your car, but to wax it this spring, too. The wax will help you get even more rocks off, and protect your car from fading as summer’s UV rays start to make their appearance.

3. Vacuum out your Car. Not only will vacuuming your rugs and other car upholstery give it that nice, clean smell we all love in Spring, but it will also help you keep your resale value high.

4. Spring Getaways. If you plan to take a getaway this spring, have your car inspected by Sallas Auto. Our 52-point inspection will take a look at each part of your vehicle and let you know if your car is safe and ready for a road trip.


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