Shopping for a car?

The price of a new car has risen dramatically over the last couple of decades. Even though 2008 saw a 3% decrease in the average price of a new vehicle, you’ll still pay more for a new car than you would have ten years ago.

New Car Prices
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Wowza! No wonder more and more people are looking to buy used vehicles rather than brand new. Well if you’re one of those people, you’re in luck.

We’ve recently teamed up with Chuck Morton of The Auto Resource Group to be able to offer our customers a better option in car-buying. It’s no secret that there’s a negative stigma surrounding dealerships, and it’s no secret why- high pressure sales and bad deals. Sallas Auto Sales & The Auto Resource Group have devised the answer to that problem- don’t carry a big inventory, rather shop for exactly what the customer is looking for!

Yep, you heard that right! Chuck Morton will become your personal car shopper! Tell him what you’re looking for, be it a Honda, a minivan, something with good gas mileage, something dark blue, then tell him what you have to spend. Chuck will then go out & scour the market just for you. Need financing? No problem! Not sure what’s available in your budget? He can help! Have a trade-in? Great! We also buy cars from people looking to sell or upgrade.

We can always come up with a better price than the dealership because we don’t have the overhead a dealership does. Plus, Chuck won’t pressure you into any car simply because he wants it off his lot, any car you’re shown is what you requested to see. As if that’s not enough, all cars sold through Sallas Auto Sales are inspected closely by our ASE-Certified Technicians, who have vast knowledge of all makes & models, not just the make of car the dealership specializes in.

So what’s the hold-up? Give us a call at 816-765-6060, or call Chuck directly at 913-314-9089to get the ball rolling on getting you into a better car.


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