Organize Your Garage For Winter

Summer is on the way out, fall is standing by, and winter seems like a long time away. But it will be here soon and before long we’ll be watching the snow fall, hearing the sleet clatter, or shudder as ice coats the street. This when you need a place to put your car.

How about the garage?

Oh wait, you spent the summer piling water skis, bikes, camping gear, golf clubs and kiddie pools in it and now you can barely see from one side to the other much less put a car in there.

It’s time to get organized and fall is a great time to do it.

It’s not hard to make room and it will take some time. But it can be done.

  • Maximize space with some good storage shelves, cabinets or pegboards. Hang ladders on hooks screwed into the walls. Bikes and scooters can be place there as well. Shelves that can be moved around are also a great idea as you may want to add or remove storage.
  • Consider using the space on the ceiling to hold things you only use seasonally. Halloween scarecrows can be exchanged for Christmas lights or other items you only use for a few weeks at a time. Ceiling mounted storage units are great but so are boards across the rafters.
  • Use plastic storage bins on shelves and group them seasonally as well. Label, label, label so you’re not going through every last one to find your light bulbs.
  • This is a good time to dispose of any hazardous materials such as leftover paint, solvents, pesticides, cleaning and automotive products properly.
  • Create an area for boots, wet gloves, and coats by the door so you won’t track water or salt into the house. You’ll be amazed how an areas like this makes your life easier. In the spring it can be used for muddy garden shoes and gloves.
  • A workplace in your garage is a very useful and not hard to create. It’s a great spot for all the little repair tasks and chores that seem endless. Find an old desk and hang pegboard above it or some castoff cabinets. Desk drawers can hold all the small stuff that you can never find. Which is why we all have ten packs of picture hangers and five cans of 3 in One oil.

At Sallas Auto Repair we’re all about cars so keeping a cozy spot for them is as important to us as regular maintenance. You’ll also extend the life of your car if you keep it protected from the deadly January mornings and how many of us have scratched the paint trying to get ice from our door locks? And when you need washer fluid and can only find ten cans of WD-40 you’ll thank yourself for getting organized.