Keep Your Brakes In Good Condition

Driving your car on a nice day is a great thing. You may have the radio on, the top down or sunroof open, dog hanging out the window, kids hanging out the window, nothing but a lovely stretch of road and the wind at your back.

Until you have to stop. Stopping is a very important part of driving. Otherwise we’d all be on the Santa Monica Pier. And when it comes to stopping your car your brakes are your best choice.

Keeping your brakes in good condition means safer driving.

Routine maintenance is your best bet to prevent brake problems. A thorough inspection should include:

  • Brake fluid level
  • Rotor thickness
  • Brake lining wear
  • Brake line and hose conditions
  • Dashboard lights
  • Brake lights
  • A good test drive to diagnose any potential issues

Having a good mechanic like those at Sallas Auto Repair perform maintenance on your braking system is always a good idea. But you should also know the warning signs of potential brake problems so you’ll know when you need repair or replacement.

Do you know the signs of a potential brake problem?

  • Illuminated brake warning light
  • Brakes are grabbing
  • Brakes that go lower then usual
  • Brakes that require more effort to push down
  • Brakes squealing
  • Grinding brakes
  • Metal shavings or brake dust on your wheels or driveway

It’s a good idea to have your wheels pulled and brakes checked yearly. An inspection should include rotors, calipers, pistons, drums, pads, and brake lines. Brake systems should be flushed and fluid replaced about every two years. Brake fluid absorbs moisture and can become acidic after a couple of years.

Your brakes will probably need to be replaced after 20,000 to 30,000 miles but its not unusual to replace after 12,000 to 15,000 miles. It just depends on how you drive. Consistent hard stopping will put much more wear on your braking system than simply slowing down before coming to a complete stop.

Sallas Auto Repair has ASE certified technicians to keep your brakes in great shape. And routine maintenance is a whole lot cheaper than the body shop and a whole lot safer. We have locations in South Kansas City or Overland Park so call or schedule an online appointment and let us keep you safe on the road.