How To Stay Awake While Driving

Stay Awake While DrivingWondering how to stay awake while driving? This is a problem that many people face. From taking a long family vacation in the car to working the graveyard shift, many of us have been there at least once. Obviously, falling asleep behind the wheel is no different from passing out drunk behind the wheel as you’re heading down the highway at 70 mph. If you’re unconscious .. you’re going to wreck. If you find yourself in the situation of struggling to stay awake while driving, take these tips used by long-haul truck drivers.

How To Stay Awake While Driving

Power naps

Before you head out on the road, take a quick cat nap. Studies have shown that your body can receive the crucial rest it needs in under an hour. If you’re struggling to stay awake while driving, pull over and take a quick 20-minute power nap. It’s better to get to your destination 20 minutes late, than to never get there at all.

Eat healthy

Fast food is convenient when you’re on the road. However, the fat, salt and sugar in fast food can actually make you even more tired. Switch to eating energy foods that contain complex carbohydrates and proteins. These foods will increase your stamina and keep you awake behind the wheel. 100 percent whole grains , lean meats, fruits and veggies will make the drive a lot easier.


It’s time to take your vitamins. Specific vitamins, such as the B’s and C’s, are great at giving you more energy. The secret is to combine these vitamins with a healthy meal. Taking the vitamins alone, your body is not going to absorb them in the same way and you won’t get the full benefits.

Stretch your legs

If you’re getting tired, pull over and stretch your legs. If you’ve been sitting for a long period of time, you need to move your body to keep your blood circulating properly. Find a safe place to get out and walk around for a few minutes. You’ll get a boost of energy.

Audio books

If you’ve never listened to an audio book, these can be a great way to stay awake. It can be easy for some people to zone out listening to music, which leads to drowsiness. Keeping your mind active helps you to stay awake while driving. If you’re listening to a novel that keeps you on your toes waiting to find out what happens next, you’re more likely to stay awake longer. Just don’t go for a boring mono-tone story. Try something with a little more suspense.

Drink water

You thought all truck drivers lived on massive amounts of caffeine didn’t you. The truth is coffee and energy drinks do not keep you hydrated and dehydration is an immediate cause of fatigue. Load up on more water and it will be easier to stay awake while driving, plus you won’t need as many restroom stops.

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