Headlight Restoration at Sallas Auto

You know the feeling of using a flashlight with a low battery? The flashlight will turn on, but its illumination is dim ~ and you know that you would be able to see better if you had a new battery.

The same “dying battery” effect happens to our car headlights over time. Several cars/suv’s/vans have plastic headlights that will grow foggy over time and cause negative effects to drivers’ visibility. Through Sallas Auto’s Headlight Restore service, we’ll get your plastic headlights looking brand new again, and gain maximum visibility through brigher headlights once again.

The Cause of Foggy Headlights

Often times the heat from our headlight bulbs will start to yellow our plastic headlights. Also, water and sun hitting the headlights over time will cause the headlights to fade. Foggy headlights creates a safety issue for night driving. Not only can you not see as well while driving at night, but you’re also tempted to use the brights when you shouldn’t have to use them.

Have your Headlights Restored at Sallas Auto

Often times our customers will come in and think that it’s their eyesight that’s causing the visibility problems. Once we evaluate and replace the headlights, customers see the difference that restored headlights will bring. At Sallas Auto, we perform a 8-to-9-step program involving sanding and polishing to make the headlights look brand new.

Don’t Be Fooled by Replacement Recommendations

We have customers come in who have been advised to replaceboth of the vehicle’s headlights – which can be as high as $700. For our restoration service at Sallas Auto, you are able to have your headlights restored at a low price of only $89. So in under an hour and a half you can have your headlights restored. It’s much more affordable to restore headlights rather than replace them.

Call us Today!

If you’re having problems seeing well at night, or having to use your brights at night to see clearly, call us today! We’ll set you up for our headlight restore service and you’ll be seeing better in no time!

**We can also check to make sure your headlights are aimed correctly. They can be shooting too high, too low or not straight ahead. I have performed BOTH of these services to my own vehicles so my wife and I can see better at night.

Thank You and Happy Spring ~ Nick Sallas


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