Getting Around While Your Car’s in the Shop

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Many drivers avoid auto repair projects. They might think it’s too expensive. They might also wonder how they’ll get around while their car is being worked on. These are valid concerns. Nonetheless, they shouldn’t prevent you from making certain that your car gets the auto repair it needs. The consequences of ignoring necessary auto repair means a lot more expense and hassle down the road.

Avoiding Auto Repair Can Be Costly in the Long Run

Think of it this way. You know your car is due for a tune up, but you always seem to be too busy to get your car to the auto repair shop. You keep putting it off, thinking next week will be better. Eventually, that routine tune up that might have caught a problem before it really got started is a year overdue. That’s when your engine blows up and leaves you stranded on the side of the road. The end result is a hefty repair bill and lots of down time where your car isn’t available to you.

Which auto repair scenario is worse? The one where your car is predictably scheduled to be in the shop for a day with a moderate expense or the one where your car suddenly and unexpectedly becomes unavailable for the foreseeable future and the entire engine needs to be replaced?

Clearly, a little preventative auto repair maintenance is the better scenario. With a bit of planning, you won’t even be particularly inconvenienced by not having your wheels for the day. Some auto repair shops can give you a loaner car for the day. You might also check out your car insurance policy, which may contain a provision that provides you with a rental car while yours is being worked on. Other alternatives include getting a ride from a friend and using public transportation.

Auto Repair Services in Kansas City and Overland Park

You have lots of available transportation options while your car is in the auto repair shop. Brainstorm a few, and make sure your car gets the care it deserves. Sallas Auto Repair offers free shuttle service and loaner cars to help you get to work, the grocery store, and wherever else you need to go while you’re getting repair services.

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