Get an Independent Inspection before buying a Used Car

Save Time and Money with a Second Opinion

In the medical world, it’s usually smart to get a second, and sometimes even third, opinion when seeking medical care. The same principle goes when buying a used car: don’t just take the seller’s (or dealer’s word for it.) Get a second opinion … or in this case, an outside inspection. You can use any reputable auto repair shop for your inspection. Of course we hope you will choose Sallas Auto.

Sallas Auto Repair’s Pre-Owned Vehicle Inspections

While it may seem simple, we wanted to remind all drivers and used-car purchasers that it’s very wise, and recommended, that you get a second opinion when it comes to vehicle inspections. OF COURSE the seller is going to tell you that the car has no problems and passes inspection. OF COURSE the dealer is going to let you know that their mechanics checked out the vehicle and found no problems. But just like the waiter will recommend the high-dollar special to you, even if it’s not the chef’s best dish, often times, an unbiased opinion is needed. As an auto repair shop with mechanics specializing in several different fields, Sallas Auto Repair will take a look at your prospective vehicle and give it a TRUE inspection – from an unbiased perspective. After all, it doesn’t really impact us if you buy the car or not.

The Sallas Auto Repair Difference

At Sallas Auto Repair, we put every car through our Pre-Owned Vehicle Inspection checklist. We’ll check out the mileage, qualification standards, mechanic standards, maintenance standards, appearance standards and more. Our ASE-Certified technicians will review the vehicle and give you an honest answer about the current status … or health … of the car. That way you can make an informed decision based off an unbiased opinion.

Pre-Owned Vehicle Inspection – It’s worth it.

We understand the excitement that comes with buying a new (to you) car, and especially the urgency to get it home! While nobody wants to wait an extra day, or go the long route, we believe that it’s incredibly important when it comes to purchasing used cars. We urge you to do your homework and know what you’re buying before you spend thousands on a vehicle that will cost you even more to repair or maintain. Come to Sallas Auto Repair for an honest answer and unbiased pre-owned vehicle inspection.


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