Check Engine Light – What they Mean & How to Fix Them

engine lightYou know the feeling. You’re driving home in the rain. Maybe you just dropped off your kid at college, or you are returning from vacation. Another ten miles to go, that’s it. You are almost there when, suddenly, your car’s Check Engine light flickers on the dash. At Sallas Auto Repair, we know that sudden feeling of panic that strikes in this situation. Do you need to make an immediate trip to an auto shop? If you arm yourself with the facts about Check Engine lights, this doesn’t have to be a scary situation. Fortunately, we’ve got the scoop on what this engine light means and the telltale signs of when you need to visit a professional.

What Does It Mean?

This Check Engine light could be an indication of something small or it could mean trouble. The problem is, you just don’t know. Your Check Engine light is your car’s way of telling you it may need a visit to an auto shop. Something has gone wrong and the first thing you need to do, is identify the issue. You can’t just look in your owner’s manual, though. You’ll need to bring your car to your local auto shop.

Cars today are wondrous machines comprised of computers, metal, plastic, and rubber. For your car to continue running at its maximum performance, all those components need to be cared for accordingly. You might have heard that the best car maintenance is preventative action. That’s true for many things, including cars.

Have your Car Checked

An auto shop is the best place to take your car when the Check Engine light appears. Skilled technicians will be able to run diagnostics that indicate what exactly is wrong with your car. Of course, it could be something small, like a gas cap not being put back on the right way. Or, it could be something major, like a catalytic convertor that has seen better days. Whatever the issue is, remember that your Check Engine light exists to inform you that something needs your attention.

You may think that if your Check Engine light has been on for a while and your car is still running, there’s no problem. But this is a bad assumption. Check Engine lights don’t appear without a reason. If you continue to drive your car with the Check Engine light on, you could very well find yourself broken down on the side of the road. This is because many times, Check Engine lights go on due to faulty wiring or spark plug complications.

Don’t Wait

Worried about an expensive repair bill? Think of it this way: the longer you go with the Check Engine light on, the more expensive the repairs could be. And it might be that the repair work needed isn’t expensive at all. The truth is, maintaining your car is the best way to save money.

So, next time you see your Check Engine light come on, head over to your local auto shop. Your car will thank you. Like a good neighbor, Sallas Auto Repair will provide you with reliable service at a fair cost. Call us today at (816) 765-606 or (913) 381-4555.


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