Car Tips: Taking Care of Windshield Wipers

Wiper blades are one of the most important parts of your vehicle. But in spite of this, many car owners pay little or no attention to these essential components and are unknowingly putting themselves at risk. If these devices aren’t functioning properly when there is snow, rain, or dirt on your windshield, your vision could be seriously obstructed, and that’s dangerous! Sallas Auto Repair wants our customers to stay safe, so next time you’re servicing your vehicle, remember to tend to your windshield wipers.

windshield wiper careWhy Take Care of Wiper Blades?

For you to have good vision while driving on the road, wiper blades have to be operating well. You should be able to navigate in bad weather conditions such as heavy rain, fog, or snow, but this is only possible if your wiper blades are well-kept and checked frequently.

How to Maintain Wiper Blades

1. Check the Wipers

First, make sure the arms of the wipers are as tight as possible. This will ensure that the blades are not loose and the surface of the windshield can be cleaned at ease.

2. Adjust the Wiper Blades

If you have tightened the arms of your car’s wipers but still have a dirty windshield, you may need to adjust the wiper blades, making sure they are in full contact with the windshield. This will allow them to clean as much surface area as possible when they are in operation.

3. Clean Them

As a rule of thumb, clean your car’s wiper blades every six months with a cloth soaked in vinegar. When you’re doing this, make sure to run the cloth down the length of both blades. This thoroughly cleans the blades and prepares them for any dressing you plan on applying. After cleaning your wiper blades with vinegar, get a rubber protectant or petroleum jelly (if you’re on a budget). Dab some protectant onto a cloth and then rub it gently onto the rubber blades. This will clean and protect the rubber.

These tips should keep your wipers clean and help you stay safe on the road. At Sallas Auto Repair, we care about the well-being of our customers, so we advise you to keep up on all other important car maintenance, too. Does your car need servicing? Look no further than Sallas Auto Repair!


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