Car Care Tip #11 – Get Educated!

Some of us plan to upgrade their vehicle in the next few months. SAVE yourself future expense and problems and spend some time gathering information.

Some of our customer’s heartaches could have been avoided if they would have purchased a different vehicle!

Most common mistake in buying a pre-owned vehicle:

“It looks clean, the price is right and I REALLY like it…

- so I don’t think I need to bother taking the time or money

to get my mechanic to take quick look at this beauty!”

We have had customers purchase vehicles that have:

1. Water Damage – you have to know where to look for this – it is not obvious to most people
2. Rolled - front driver door and back passenger door just seemed like they need to be adjusted
3. Wrecked - but nothing was on Car Fax and the dealership that sold the vehicle bought it a car auction and there was not any previous history on the vehicle
4. Dash or Instrumentation Changed or Disconnected - warning lights disconnect to hide problems or mileage changed to bring a better price

After Market Parts Can Be A Problem

The motor, transmission and suspension (and other random parts) have been replaced with aftermarket products!!! Aftermarket parts can be a problem with pre-owned vehicles as well!

Most common mistakes of buying a NEW vehicle:

1. Never researching common problems with certain motors or transmissions
2. Warranty sounds amazing but doesn’t cover what really needs to be covered

Go to websites and read consumer reports, reviews and feedback on the vehicles you are interested in. Some good sites to visit are:

Have a Wonderful Day ~ From the Sallas Team!

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Thanks so much ~ Carla Sallas