Car Care Tip #10 – The Most Dangerous Roads.

There are special problems with driving on rural highways for long periods of time.

  • Be aware of what is known as “highway hypnosis”. This is driving in a drowsy, dulled, trance-like state.
  • To avoid falling asleep behind the wheel take frequent breaks – stop if you begin to feel tired – it will recharge you.
  • Velocitation is caused by driving for long periods at high speeds. When you do reduce your speed you think the car is going much slower than it actually is and you end up speeding.
Highway Hypnosis makes for Sleepy Drivers

Highway Hypnosis makes for Sleepy Drivers

  • Unmarked farm roads and driveways can be hidden by trees or bushes or crops.
  • These roads are traveled by farmers and ranchers driving from one field to the next and are not in hurry to get there. Some may be driving large tractors at a much slower speed than you.
  • There are always more BLIND CORNERS on rural roads – just no way around that one.
  • Another potential hazard – animals in the road. This is probably more common than most of us think.
So Slow Down & Enjoy the Scenic Roads!

So Slow Down & Enjoy the Scenic Roads!

Driving on rural roads has been proven to REDUCE STRESS!
So slow down and take the more scenic route!

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