Brake Fluid Exchange

How often should I have my brake fluid serviced?

Depending on your vehicle and the manufacturer's recommended intervals, there tends to be a wide range of recommendations for the best time to service your brake fluid. How often you change your brake fluid depends on your driving amount and braking patterns.

It is always helpful to have your mechanic check your brake fluid each oil change. These frequent checks will allow you to keep tabs on the brake fluid levels and receive feedback from your trusted mechanic on when to service your brake fluid. It is typical to see a need to change the brake fluid every 2-5 years or every 30,000 miles.

At Sallas Auto Repair, we check all fluid levels with each oil change and give the recommendations needed, so you don't run into any "surprises" on the road.

Why do I pick a brake fluid exchange over a regular brake service?

When driving, brakes are one of the most critical components of your car that you want to work correctly. Therefore, a brake fluid exchange is crucial and is more beneficial than a brake service. With, clean proper working brake fluid, you can make those big, fast-moving stops that are sometimes needed when driving. A brake fluid flush also prolongs the life of your brakes, which saves the cost and time of more repairs down the road.

What happens during a brake flush?

1. Your mechanic will first remove the dirty, old brake fluid.

2. They will then search for any debris as they clean out your brake system.

3. Your mechanic will look for any rust or corrosion in your brakes. This decay can be prolonged and even avoided if brake flushes are routine, when needed, in your maintenance schedule.

4. They will then add in your fresh, new fluid, ensuring your brakes are working to the best of their ability.