Ambiguities of Texting-While-Driving Laws

texting-while-driving laws

Drivers, take heed! In recent years, Kansas and Missouri have cracked down on texting-while-driving laws. However, in spite of increased ticketing for this offense, it seems there is still some ambiguity about the specifics of the laws. At Sallas Auto Repair, we are dedicated to keeping you safe and ticket-free. Because of our commitment to you, we’ve done some research and will set the record straight.


Kansas drivers, especially those in the Prairie Village area, need to take extra caution on the road. A KMBC article reported that, “Prairie Village police wrote more texting-while-driving tickets than any other city in the metropolitan area last year.”

Kansas law states that it is illegal for drivers to text while driving ANYWHERE on the road. This law seems pretty straightforward, but there has still been some confusion. Kansas traffic officials explained that many people believe it is legal to text while stopped at a red light, when in reality, it’s illegal.

Texting at red lights is illegal, and with good reason — it’s dangerous. That’s right, it’s unsafe. “In Prairie Village last year, 23 percent of the city’s rear-end collisions happened after all the vehicles had stopped at a red light,” said a recent report. One official explained that these accidents most often resulted from an individual accidentally removing their foot from the brake as they reached for an electronic gadget. Needless to say, these texting-while-driving laws are in place for good reason.


Missouri law states that all “novice drivers”, under 21 years of age, are prohibited from texting and driving. For these drivers, the same stipulations of the Kansas texting-while-driving law are in place. And, yes, this means that texting at stoplights is still illegal.

Although it’s legal for Missouri drivers who are 21 years of age or older to text while driving, we encourage you to always drive with minimal distractions. After all, we want our customers and their cars to stay safe and ticket-free!

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