7 Safe Driving Mobile Apps

safe drivingMost parents usually train their children how to drive during their teenage years. Teenage driving brings a lot of freedom to the teenagers and some of them do not fully understand the need to exercise safe driving practices. Most teenagers are not even aware that unsafe driving practices could actually lead to death or serious injuries. Much of this is related to the idea of “that would never happen to me.”

If there’s one thing a teen can’t seem to live without, it’s their smartphone. This article will highlight how teens and parents can effectively use mobile applications to ensure that they exercise safe driving while training.

7 Safe Driving Mobile Apps

Text Arrest is a mobile app that helps to deactivate the text message or email function in the smartphone of a teenager. This is aimed to help the teenager maintain focus on the road while training and helps avoid accidents. This application works by closing the phone’s screen, ensuring that no text message or email is sent from the smartphone.

Safe Driver is a mobile app that keeps watch on the location and driving behaviors of the teenage driver. The application then notifies the parents of the location and the driving practices of the new teenager driver. The application even notifies parents when their teen exceeds the required speed limit.

ZoomSafer is another teen mobile app that controls the access of text message and emails from the teenager’s smartphone while driving on the road. Much like the Text Arrest app, this is aimed at helping the young teenager driver maintain focus only on the road.

Drivesafe.ly Pro is a mobile driving app that allows the teenagers to keep connected while on the road without being a distraction. The smartphone in this case is able to auto-reply to emails or even text messages. This offers a form of communication while maintaining focus on the wheel.

Dangers of Distracted Driving is a mobile app that warns teenagers on the dangers of distracted driving. It extends eduction to the teenagers that distracted driving can lead to death and re-enforces the belief that, “Yes, it can happen to anyone .. even you.”

Key2SafeDriving is a smartphone driving app that bans the use of phone while the teenager is driving. The application enables the phone to send automated responses to the incoming emails or text messages.

Steer Clear Mobile is another smartphone application that enables the teenager driver learn about acceptable driving procedures. The application is able to track the driving time of the teenager, distance covered and the conditions on the road.

Practice Safe Driving

Safe driving whether for teenagers or adults remains everyone’s responsibility to make sure that safe driving is practiced on the roads. Recent research on road accidents have proven beyond any reasonable doubt that ninety percent of road accidents are mainly caused by the lack of safe driving procedures. If you have a teen who is about to begin driving, we highly recommend checking out these safe driving mobile apps.