Becoming an AAA Approved Auto Repair Shop

Triple A – one of the most well-known brands when it comes to automotive care and help. While many are familiar with the towing service, insurance and oval car decals for members, AAA also offers a great service to customers when it comes to finding a reliable auto repair shop. At Sallas Auto, we belong to the AAA Approved Auto Repair program, which approves auto repair facilities that meet the highest standards in vehicle repair, competency, reliability, cleanliness, overall experience and fair pricing.

What does it take to get AAA approved?

Only dedicated auto repair shops meet the AAA standards and become an Approved Auto Repair Shop. It’s a process that requires transparency and honesty while seeking the AAA “stamp of approval.”

AAA Performs Surveys

First, representatives from AAA visit the shop(s) and take a tour, and survey of the business. They ask the customers about their satisfaction through surveys, and look to see if they shop has a customer satisfaction of 94% or higher.

AAA Tours the Repair Shop

In addition to surveying the customers, AAA also tours the shop to ensure that all of the proper equipment is supplied in order to perform the repairs. They ensure that the equipment is in good condition, and able to perform a good job when fixing cars.

AAA interviews our technicians

As AAA surveys our business, they double-check that we have an ASE-certified technician in every repair area that we perform. This is important, as it shows credibility and ensures that our mechanics are experts in the field. They also check for Master Technicians, which are mechanics certified in every area of ASE-certification.

AAA checks for the business owners’ credibility

AAA will review the business owner’s credibility. They perform a check to ensure that the shop has the proper liability insurance. They also perform a background check on the owner(s) to ensure the business is ethical, credible and trustworthy.

Maintaining AAA approved status

Once AAA has reviewed an auto repair shop and considered it part of their Approved Auto Repair program, they continue to monitor the shop. All shops on the list continually are reviewed through review cards. Each shop must turn in 20 cards each month, and auto repair shops in the AAA program must keep a 93% or higher customer satisfaction rate.

Sallas Auto – an AAA Approved Auto Repair Shop

At Sallas Auto, we’re proud to be associated with AAA and one of their approved auto repair shops. Please call or schedule an appointment online to have us take a look at your automobile today!