Getting The Car Ready To Hit The Road

Summer is officially here and the road trip, that age-old family torture tradition, is on your horizon. It’s bad enough to endure endless, “Are we there yet? Bobby’s touching me! I have to pee again! Nevermind,” without having to suffer some sort of automotive catastrophe. Planning your dream trip to the Grand Canyon will go soooo much smoother if you take the time to prepare your car for the ride.

Getting there is half the fun but only if you actually get there.

Call Sallas Auto Repair at least a week or so before your planned launch just to make sure your Country Squire is up to the task. Have us check the following:

Air conditioning system. Don’t just assume that when you’re deep in the Arizona desert that it will work. In fact assume that it won’t, and have it checked out. Sure it’s a dry heat but so is an oven.

Flush your cooling system. See above Arizona desert scenario.

Check all belts and hoses and have them replaced if needed. Arizona desert.

Change your oil if you’re nearing your change date. No oil in the Arizona desert.

Check and replace your filters. Sand.

Make sure all lights are functioning properly. Especially if you’re driving at night in the Arizona desert.

Replace your windshield wipers. Ah, who cares, it doesn’t rain in Arizona. However, you will be driving home through Arkansas.

Give your tires a thorough once over. Make sure they’re wearing evenly and still maintain good tread. The Arizona desert has really, really warm highways.

And when you’re car is pronounced fit to travel make sure and pack some safety items just in case:

  • One gallon of 50% coolant to 50% water.
  • Two spare quarts of oil.
  • One Gallon of windshield washer fluid
  • A good flashlight with spare batteries
  • A piece of carpet or a door mat, in case you have to kneel down on the ground in bad or hot weather.
  • A really good book of family road games. There’s nothing wrong on a family road trip that a good game of I Spy can’t cure.

Preventative maintenance is key to keeping your car running and happy. Sallas Auto Repair is available to make sure your next family vacation is safe, fun and filled with treasured memories. Sitting on your luggage at the side of the Arizona desert is not a treasured memory so come in soon!


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