Keep Your Car Going In Hot Weather

Today, July 19, 2012, Kansas City is the hottest city in the nation. This comes smack in the middle of our second major heat wave with temperatures regularly in the triple digits. So while we prefer to stay inside air conditioned offices and homes at some point we are forced to venture out for work, shopping or just to get out. Our cars are often the last thing we think of when it comes to hot weather, we just sort of assume they’ll work when we get into them. But this hot weather can really take its toll so take a hard look at your poor car and read these tips on keeping it going in this hot weather.

  1. Check your air filter. Not only have we experiencedabove normal temps we’re suffering way belownormal rainfall. This means that dust and dirt are just swirling around waiting to be sucked into our car’s air filter. And if you routinely drive through building or road construction you’re compounding the problem. Neglecting your air filter could damage your car’s mass airflow sensor and this could cost you in repairs.
  2. Maintain your coolant system. Have your car’s cooling system tested and your hoses examined for cracks or other damage. Check your water pump, if it’s gone beyond the manufacturer’s mileage recommendation this is the time to replace it. And have the fluid changed every 30,000 miles to insure no problems later.
  3. Your air conditioning is likely working overtime these days so don’t assume it’s fine because you feel cool air. If you haven’t had routine maintenance on your AC in a while take the time to make sure everything is in working order. Especially if you’re planning a summer road trip.
  4. This is something you probably rarely, if ever, consider when temps are high and you’re just trying to get through it. Your car’s interior needs protection from the sun and heat. Use conditioner to protect your leather seats from cracks and dry, rough spots. Vinyl dashboards are vulnerable to extreme temperature variations especially if regularly parked outside. Use of one those accordion reflectors to protect your interior as well as keep the temperature down so when you get into your car your AC won’t have to work as hard.
  5. And although this isn’t car maintenance keep an eye on what you leave in your car when its hot. Even in the 90s your car’s interior can reach up to 140 degrees so just imagine how hot it can get if it’s 100. Don’t keep medications, electronics or anything stored under pressure such as soda, WD 40, or spray paint. Unless you’d like it coating your windows or upholstery when it explodes.

And although its common sense we’ll also repeat, please don’t leave your pets in the car.

Sallas Auto Repair can get your car hot weather ready with an AC check, coolant flush or air filter replacement. And if you’ve wait a bit too long we can also repair any damage caused by our lovely Kansas City weather. Our mechanics are Master ASE certified, we’re a NAPA auto care center and AAA Approved so you know you’re in good hands.